How it works

ATMirage allows the user to interact with the financial devices of an ATM and to simulate its different

ATMirage can run on the same workstation as the self-service application is running or on a different
workstation or virtual machine. The application screens will be sent to the ATMirage screen simulator,
so the user will have the same feeling as if testing on a real ATM.

Users can generate test batteries by recording and editing macros, generating iterations with
different combinations of elements (different amounts, different cards, PINs, etc) and creating scripts.
It is alsopossible to run test groups completly automated and self- evaluated, generating reports.

ATMirage offers the possibility of creating different models of ATMs. That is, the user will be able to
create his own models of ATM specifying the devices and characteristics included (for example
motorized reader or passed through reader, number of dispenser holes, etc) as well as its graphic location.

ATMirage simulation is made at device level, not protocol level (NDC, NDC + and Diebold 91X). You
can simulate all devices or just some of them. It also allows to control the simulator from external
tools to be integrated with other test environments.