Other characteristics

It allows the application to be run without needing to have the hardware.

The self-service models can be personalised, creating as many as needed and thereby testing the application with the same configuration as the real models.

Is independent of the operating system on which the application is run.

Adapts to any device standard (CEN/XFS, J/XFS, Xpeak) or to proprietary solutions.

EMV Level 2 simulation, being able to import data from physical cards.

Precise simulation, allowing the definition of different behaviours of each device.

Test automation through the recording of macros, parameters and scripts definition.

Automatic validation of tests based on evidences and configurable check points.

Generation of test reports.

Connection to external test tools (host simulators, HP QC/ALM, etc).

Possibility of adding new device simulators.

Multi-user tool, collaborative work allowed.